6 People You Should Be Listening To

by Aug 9, 2018

A few days ago I was deciding whether or not I wanted to listen to a certain pastor on his podcast while I was running. I went ahead and listened to this particular pastor who was a few years older than me, that had been in ministry longer than me, and has had more experience than me. While listening to this guy, an interesting question popped in my head. Who should I be listening to? I would suggest the following when you’re making that decisioin.

1- Listen to someone older than you! There are some things that only come with age. People that are older than you have automatically learned things you haven’t. Age brings a certain level of wisdom that simply comes with more years. Don’t always listen to people who are your age or younger. Find a few people older than you that you regularly listen to.

2- Listen to someone farther along than you! Years ago I asked to meet with a pastor whose church was a little older and a little bigger than the church where I pastored. I knew he had already been where I was and I could learn some things from him. Be sure to have people in your life that are a little farther along than you that you listen to.

3- Listen to someone that is good at what you do! There are people that do what you do that have figured out how to do things a little better than you do them. Listen to those kinds of people. Always be willing to learn from others and glean any insight you possibly can from those who are really good at what you do.

4- Listen to someone different than you! There are times you learn things from people who are not like you at all. People that are different from you can help you. It might not mean that you agree with them, but you can certainly learn from them. From time to time listen to someone that is very different from you and it will help you in what you do.

5- Listen to someone alongside you! You will always have some people in your life that are exactly where you are. These peers share the same struggles and joys that you share and they identify with what you are going through. Make time to listen to these people in your life.

6- Listen to people younger than you! People that are younger than you can teach you things you didn’t know. What they might lack in wisdom they make up for in knowledge. Be sure to have a few humble and genuine younger voices that are speaking into your life.

Who you listen to is important. As I think back over my thirty years of pastoring, there are a number of folks I have listened to. Some I listen to regularly. Some I listen in seasons. Some I only listen to one or two times. If you open my phone, you will see dozens of podcasts that I listen to. Some more than others, and all fit in one of the six categories mentioned above.

This is a good time for me to encourage you to listen to a podcast on impactdisciples.com. If you have time, you should also check out our YouTube podcasts and our Face Book Live sessions. We are here to help you.

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