A Celebration of Freedom

by Jul 6, 2023

On July 4, people across the United States celebrated our freedom as a nation. We certainly have a lot to be thankful for! Our church celebrated our nation’s freedom with a fireworks show, but we took it further and celebrated our freedom in Christ. We had music, food trucks, kids’ games, and baptisms at our fireworks show. There are not too many other ways to celebrate our freedom in Christ than by celebrating baptisms.

Our Celebration of Freedom might look like another fireworks show to the average person. Our church sees this event as a very strategic way to do outreach. Here’s how we see this special day on our calendar every summer.

First, we strategically seize the day! A great time to invite people to your church or a church event is when the world is already looking for a place to go. Christmas and Easter may be the best examples of this, but the Fourth of July provides a similar opportunity. Many people are more likely to attend our fireworks show simply because they have the time off, are looking for a place to go, and are likely to attend if invited. Our thinking is, why not seize that day for Christ?

Second, we strategically invite friends and family! A good fireworks show will automatically draw people if well advertised. We don’t advertise this specific event via direct mail pieces because we want people hearing about it from a personal invite. For weeks prior we encourage our congregation to connect with friends and family members to invite them to the celebration. We believe more people come to Christ and join a church because of a relationship than any other way. Why not let the Fourth of July motivate your congregation to invest and invite in people far from God or disconnected from church?

Third, we strategically attempt to change the world’s opinion of the church! Fireworks shows are fun. Food trucks are great. Kids love to play games. Sometimes attending a church service is not fun, and people don’t care about going. Why don’t we change that? What if Christians held a fun event and invited the world to come and see how to have fun differently? At our Celebration of Freedom, we had no alcohol, inappropriate song lyrics, or offensive behavior. We didn’t bang anyone over the head with a Bible, yet we witnessed Christ’s transformation through baptism, and we provided a safe and clean environment for families. We also did the whole celebration for free, except for the food trucks. People had to buy their own BBQ.

It makes a statement when the church provides an event for the community to enjoy with no strings attached. We worked hard with many volunteers to pull off this event because our church believes in loving our community.

Over the years, we’ve had our share of criticism about our fireworks show. Some people even think it’s a waste of God’s money and a compromise of our beliefs. We disagree and see this celebration as an excellent opportunity to reach people. Without compromising our values and beliefs, we leverage this event for the kingdom’s sake, which works. This year we had around six thousand people attend our celebration, most of whom have never been to our church yet! We also baptized six people spontaneously. Meaning they decided to go public on the spot. We did not have them planned in advance. Those six baptisms alone are worth all the effort we put forth to make this event happen.

At Impact Discipleship Ministries, we help churches develop plans for reaching their community. If we can help you with an outreach plan, contact us at impactdisciples.com. We are here to help.

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