A Resurrected Mission

by May 4, 2017

Have you ever considered how the resurrection impacted the mission of the church? The resurrection of Jesus is literally the whole reason the church even has a mission.

Think about Jesus and the disciples for a moment. When Jesus calls the disciples to be “fishers of men”, He is giving them a mission. Jesus is expecting them to change the world and He takes several years to show them how to do it.

When Jesus had finished training the disciples, He is crucified on a cross. In the minds of the disciples, this is the end of the mission. I mean, who wants to take the message of a dead man to the world? The cross was a crushing defeat to the disciples and they were discouraged and lost. The mission seemed over at the cross.

Three days after the cross everything changed! The mission was now empowered by the resurrection. The fact that Jesus had risen from the dead resurrected the mission He had called the disciples to. In fact, the resurrected Jesus commissions His disciples to “go make disciples of all nations”. Who would not want to obey the commission of a man raised from the dead?

The number one reason you need to fulfill the Great Commission and make disciples is because Jesus is alive! If Jesus is still dead, don’t give the Great Commission a second thought but if Jesus was raised from the dead then the Great Commission deserves a great commitment from every believer.

Jesus has been resurrected! Jesus is alive today and that means the Great Commission is worth everything you have. The mission of the resurrected Lord is the most important mission you can pursue. You do not want to stand before the risen Lord one day and tell Him you didn’t care about His mission. You do not want to tell Him you were too busy to do what He died for. You do not want to want to make excuses for why you did not pursue the one thing He asked you to do.

Do not respond to the Great Commission with great excuses. Be about the business of making disciples. Go, baptize, and teach until Jesus returns. It is a mission worth everything you have.

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