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Ken Adams was called as the first pastor of Crossroads Church in Newnan, Georgia in 1989. He was passionate about the Great Commission and wanted his church to be a part of the movement and mission of Jesus. Ken wanted everything at Crossroads to revolve around being and building disciples of Jesus.

In the early 1990s, Crossroads was well on its way multiplying disciples, but the church was having a major problem finding resources that would accomplish its mission. While a lot of resources provided insight on how to have a discipleship program in a church, there were few resources that taught how to build a church that entirely revolved around a Jesus-style strategy for disciple making.

Out of this need, Ken began writing his own curriculum for Crossroads. He emphasized important topics in his writing like how to define a disciple, how to train a disciple, how to multiply disciples, and how to create church and small group environments that multiply disciples. Ken’s curriculum was a huge hit with the Crossroads, and pretty soon, disciples and small groups were multiplying exponentially in the church.

Under Ken’s leadership, Crossroads has grown to 3,000+ in attendance, meets on three campuses, and has planted eight other churches.

In 2001, Ken decided to make his resources available to other churches. He founded Impact Discipleship Ministries as a non-profit of Crossroads Church specifically for the purpose of providing disciple making resources and training.

Today, Impact Discipleship Ministries serves pastors, churches, and individuals all over the world providing discipleship training, resourcs, seminars, consultations, and online equipping groups.

Impact works with churches, pastors, and individuals all over the world to be and build disciples of Jesus.

We currently have Disciple Making Church partners in the United States, Dominican Republic, Haiti, the Philippines, Zambia, India, Thailand, Kosovo, Albania, Italy, and closed countries that will not be listed here for safety purposes.

Jesus’ method for multiplying disciples is simple. We purposely have created material based on “Jesus-style” disciple making that can be easily translated, taught, and retaught in any country and in any language.

We currently have limited resources available in English, French, Spanish, and Creole. If you choose to partner with Impact by giving, a portion of your donation would go towards translating curriculum into more languages in order to train more disciples.

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Let’s Introduce

Ken Adams

Ken Adams


Ken is the founder and director of Impact Discipleship Ministries. He is also the Senior Pastor of Crossroads Church in Newnan, GA.
Paul Smith

Paul Smith

Impact Consultant

Paul was a coach with Blackaby Ministries International and spent 40 years as an engineer with the Federal Aviation Administration before joining Impact as a consultant.
Ron Cansler

Ron Cansler

Impact Consultant

Ron is an Impact Consultant and is also the Global Impact Pastor at Crossroads Church, Newnan, GA.
Mike Keaton

Mike Keaton

Impact Consultant

Mike is an Impact consultant and is also the Church Development Pastor at Crossroads Church in Newnan, GA.
Grace Asnip

Grace Asnip

Impact Administrator

Grace is the Impact Administrator. She takes care of all the behind-the-scenes and creative aspects of Impact.

Impact Discipleship Ministries exists to inspire people and churches to be and build disciples of Jesus Christ.

We accomplish our mission by helping people explore the concepts of disciple making, by educating people and churches in the principles of disciple making, by assisting people and churches to establish disciple-making movements, and by engaging individuals and churches in developing movements of multiplication.

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