An Inside Look

by Sep 13, 2018

I thought I would share a little different look in my blog this week. I decided to give you an “inside look” on the start of a brand new discipleship group that I am just now beginning.

Just a few weeks ago, I started meeting with a brand new group of seven men. All seven have not shown up at the same time yet, but if they all make it, the commitment there will be eight men in the group including myself.

Our men’s group meets on Thursday mornings at 7:00 a.m. at our church campus for about ninety minutes. We spent the first three weeks simply getting our group established. Since we were still adding men, we spent the first few weeks just getting to know each other and building relationships. Now that our group is pretty well set, we are beginning to dig into to the disciple making process.

Our group is using the Disciple Making Essentials as our curriculum, which will serve as a core curriculum for spiritual growth. The real goal of the curriculum is to get these men into God’s Word. Each week, we memorize a verse and share insights from a daily reading section. Every week, I remind our group that the more they get into God’s Word, the more God’s Word will get into them.

We begin each group meeting with a highlight or a lowlight from the previous week. I’ll ask them a question just to get them to open up and share an insight from the past week. Each man shares a praise or struggle and that helps build community and relationships.

Following the share time, we work through the discussion questions in ourDisciple Making Essentials course. These questions guide us into a spiritual discussion based on what we have studied the past week. Currently we are using the  Spiritual Growth Essentials and beginning to get comfortable sharing and discussing what we are learning. The discussions will deepen over time.

I have asked two guys in this group to be assistant group leaders. In time, they will help me lead the lessons and connect with and care for the guys in the group. I meet with these two assistant leaders once a month for leadership training we call 315 Leadership Training. It gives me a tool to help them develop into disciple making leaders.

These two assistant leaders and I will work together to help each group member become a “fully trained” disciple. We call this person an “M-7 Disciple.” An M-7 Disciple is someone who demonstrates the seven marks of a disciple of Christ. Over the course of a year, we will encourage all of these men to become members, magnifiers, ministers, maturing, managers, messengers, and multipliers.

About nine months from now, we will be near the completion of our Disciple Making Essentials and ready to take a two month break for the summer. Following the break, we will launch three new groups from our one existing group. Each assistant leader and I will start our own individual groups. Hopefully, some of the current group members will step up and serve as assistant leaders in the new groups. Our goal is to multiply and reproduce groups and leaders.

That’s an inside look at how we are seeking to make disciples at our church. We grow groups, grow people, grow leaders, and grow more groups. We believe we are doing the same thing Jesus did two thousand years ago. We believe we are doing what He has called us to do.

Impact Ministries exists to help you learn how to start movements of disciple making. If we can help you contact us at We would love to help launch a movement of disciple making in your own church.

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