An Investment Worth Making

by May 18, 2017

When it comes to investing your money, you probably look for the investments with the highest yield. You want your money to be invested with compound interest not simple interest. Compound interest multiplies your money and lets it grow exponentially. When you invest your hard earned money, you want it to be in an investment that is worth it.

Investing your money in ministry should also be done in the right place. You can invest in ministries that multiply or those that simply add. You can invest in ministries that keep growing and increasing or in ministries that have limited return.

Sometimes people ask me where they should give their tithes and offerings. My first response is always to their local church. Hands down, the first place you want to invest your money is in the Church of Jesus Christ. Support your local church because it is God’s chosen vehicle to make disciples of all nations. Once you have given to your local church, I encourage you to consider giving to ministries that focus on multiplying disciples.

I often encourage people to make a financial investment in disciple making ministries like Impact Ministries because this type of ministry is committed to helping Christians and churches multiply disciples. An investment in a ministry that promotes disciple making is an investment that will grow exponentially. That one single gift used correctly will continue reaping dividends for years! That is an investment worth making.

Impact Ministries is just one of many ministries that has a focus on multiplying disciples. I simply encourage you to make some type of investment in a ministry that will continue reproducing and impacting multiple generations of people. If not Impact Ministries, find some disciple making ministry that you can invest in and support in addition to your local church.

If Impact Ministries is a ministry you would be willing to invest in, you can do that by simply going to our website and make a donation under the “Join Us” section of the site. Please go to Thank you!



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