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Step onto your “field” of influence with purpose and impact.

Through a clear biblical framework, Coaching With Impact empowers coaches to embrace their role as disciple-makers, guiding them to develop both personally and professionally. Join us on this transformative journey as we equip coaches to lead with authenticity, intentionality, and lasting impact.

Drawing from his experiences as a former Professional Baseball player and Major League Baseball scout, Kevin Burrell has partnered with Ken Adams, Impact Discipleship Ministries’ founder and director, in inviting coaches of all levels to rediscover the essence of Jesus Christ’s final command – the ‘Great Commission.’

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Coach Testimonial

Going through “Coaching with Impact” these past two years have been life changing and a true blessing. Meeting with my brothers in Christ; Kevin Burrell, John Small, Cam Smith, and Mark Bowles has really helped my growth and spiritual maturity in Christ. The sincerity that we each brought while working through the “Coaching with Impact” book has been priceless. Being and Building disciples of Christ, while exercising the character and conduct of Christ has been life changing for all of us. I know with certainty that this venture has helped my growth with the fruits of the spirit of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. “GO, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”

Coach Testimonial

The Coaching with Impact study, led by Kevin Burrell had a profound impact on me as a person and a Coach. I learned about the Character and Conduct of Jesus. Learning how Jesus led, influenced others, and prioritized building relationships was eye opening to me. I thought I did it well, but wow, had I fallen short. This study has both encouraged and challenged me to go beyond what I was doing as a Christian Coach. Understanding now the Great Commandment and Great Commission, and what we are called to be and do daily as a Coach who is called to build the Kingdom!

Coach Testimonial

There are two questions that I repeatedly would ask myself as I was going through the “Coaching with Impact” discipleship training. Am I leveraging my influence in a way that is producing disciples? Are the fruits of the Spirit on display in my life? We are called to Be and Build disciples of Jesus Christ, and as a coach, we have a platform and arena where we have the ability to leverage our influence to reach others for Jesus by developing relationships! I often find myself in situations where the days run long, things may not go as planned and the overall season is just a grind. These are the moments where “Coaching with Impact” has instilled in me the importance of seeking to live out the fruits of the Spirit in a way that others can see a difference in my life through the Character and Conduct of Jesus. This “Coaching with Impact” small group has taught me the importance of accountability, progress not perfection, and being fully trained in order to train and lead others! Two statements that stick with me are, “We are disciple-makers disguised as coaches” and “One day when I stand before Jesus He will not ask me how many games I won, but surely He will ask me if I was Being and Building disciples with my life.”

Coach Testimonial

The “Coaching with Impact” study changed the way I look at discipleship and disciple-making. Really, it changed how I view my relationship with God and my mission in life. “Coaching with Impact” taught me about the mission God wants me to have and that is to “Be and Build Disciples.” with my life. This mission was once thought by me as “just a missionary’s job,” however this couldn’t be farther from the truth.
Not only did my life mission change, but this study and this group of coaches helped me with tangible ways on how to Be a disciple and how to Build others to become fully trained disciples. This group equip me about the importance of living out the Character and Conduct of Christ as a coach, and to lead and multiply others through the same process. It was incredibly important to have guys who were set on the same mission as me, and to hold me accountable. This pushed me to hold the others accountable and something that will continue for the rest of my life.


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Hear from Kevin Burrell, Major League Baseball Scout, as he discusses the ways he shares Jesus Christ with scouts, coaches, and more. From Bible studies to baptisms, learn how the Lord is making disciples and working in Kevin and the Sport Industry.

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Every coach has a certain level of influence both on and off the field. How a coach leverages this influence is critical. Coaching with Impact is designed for coaches to come alongside each other in the context of a small group and maximize the influence God has given them to multiply disciples in the world of sports. Coaching with Impact will teach coaches how to coach and lead with the Character and Conduct of Christ, so they can in turn reproduce those same principles in the lives of other coaches.

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