Connecting Without Apology

by Jul 7, 2016

Over the years I have visited churches where no one connected with me and no opportunity to connect with anyone else was given. I have always left those churches confused. Attending a church service where no one connected with me or no opportunity to connect with someone else was presented  has always made me wonder “what is the point?”

Every church ought to be intentional about connecting. If a person is new to a church they ought to at least be given the opportunity to meet someone and get introduced to the church. If that person were spiritually lost, think what might be hanging in the balance for them if they couldn’t connect to someone. No one wants to be pressured in a church but everyone wants a warm friendly welcome when they attend church for the first time.

A church should also be a place where a person is clearly given the opportunity to connect if they want to. Every service ought to end with a clear path of how to take a next step. If connecting to Christ and His church matters, then it is a disservice to not give a clear path of connection. Every person ought to be able to connect in their own time but they should at least know how when they are ready. A church without a clear path for connecting is like knowing there is a buried treasure but no map to find it.

I say all of this to make a point. At the church where I pastor we are unapologetic about connecting with people and helping people know how to connect. If someone desires to slip in and out without meeting anyone that is possible but we will at least be guilty of making the connection possible.

I believe it is a huge rip off to invite someone into the Church of Jesus Christ and not connect with them and let them know how they can take a next step. At our church we will do our best to help people connect without apology.

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