Disciple Making Curriculum

by Nov 30, 2016

I’m often asked what disciple making curriculum I recommend. Well, let me first say, there isn’t much disciple making curriculum to recommend. Now don’t misunderstand, there is a lot of “discipleship” curriculum available. There is a ton of curriculum available to educate and disciple believers. In fact, there are more resources and Bible studies to aid spiritual growth today than ever. The problem is there is a mountain of “discipleship” material but very little “disciple making” material. You will be hard pressed to find much in the way of resources that actually helps produce reproducing and multiplying disciples.

Years ago I visited a very large Christian bookstore on a seminary campus. While shopping around in the store I noticed there were racks and shelves filled with church growth books, leadership books, evangelism books, and spiritual growth resources. I also noticed a serious lack of any books and curriculum specifically addressing the very thing that Jesus came to do – make a disciple that makes a disciple! I’ve never quite been able to understand the fact that we have developed so few resources teaching us how to do the one thing Jesus clearly commissioned us to do – make disciples of all nations.

When I first became a pastor of a local church looking for disciple making material that would facilitate a movement of multiplication, I quickly came to the conclusion I would need to write some. I never really set out to become an author but the need for disciple making curriculum has kept me busy writing for over two decades. I have spent nearly thirty years trying to create resources that provide transferable principles for disciple making. These resources are not intended to be worked through and placed on a shelf. These resources are intended to be worked through and then transferred to others over and over again. If you are looking for “disciple making” curriculum you might want to check out the resources in the store.

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