Disciple Making After Fifty

by Aug 25, 2016

I had an interesting thought hit me the other day while I was running. I might add it was six-mile run! Not a bad run at age 50. Not a bad run at any age for that matter. Anyway, as I was running I started thinking about all the advantages to getting older. In fact, my plan is to write a booklet titled, Your First Thirty Days After Fifty. It will be out soon.

One of the advantages of being over fifty is the opportunity you have to make disciples. Being over fifty is actually a prime time for making disciples of Christ. When some folks are throttling back at fifty, I want to suggest going to a higher gear. Here are a few of the reasons being fifty or over is a great time to get in the disciple making game.

First, you know more! Living for fifty or more years brings an increase of knowledge. Regardless of how your life has turned out, the truth is you know more at fifty than you did at twenty. Even if you don’t have the Bible knowledge you wish you had, you still have the life knowledge needed to invest in someone younger. Knowledge is a great reason to make disciples at fifty.

Second, you have more wisdom! Having more information does not mean you know how to use it. Typically time creates more wisdom and being fifty does give you more wisdom than you had a thirty. At fifty you have seen things, experienced things, and learned from your mistakes. Being fifty gives you a perspective as a disciple maker that a thirty-something really needs. Wisdom is a great reason to invest in a disciple.

Third, you have more time! When the children are grown you have more time to invest in someone than you did earlier in life. Not being at the ball field and school activities every night frees you up to meet with someone who is younger and has commitments like crazy. The time you have at fifty gives you room for disciple making.

If you are fifty it is a great time–prime time–to make disciples!


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