Disciple Making in Alabama

by Jan 26, 2017

This past weekend I had the honor of teaching at a conference called “Flashpoint” that was held in Birmingham, Alabama. It was so cool seeing several hundred pastors and church leaders come together to learn how to lead the church to be a movement of multiplying disciples. Honestly, I can’t wait to see the results of this conference. If just a few church leaders go back to their churches and start movements of multiplying disciples, the fruit could be amazing.

Just imagine Alabama being known for disciple making and not just football!

As I reflect on this powerful weekend in Birmingham, I am reminded of what I’ve learned regarding disciple making that is very significant.

First, disciple making principles are transcendent and timeless. In other words, the same principles that Jesus used to make disciples in first century Jerusalem still work in twenty-first century Birmingham. Only God could create a concept that  works in everyplace all the time.

Second, God uses ordinary people to make disciples. The men and women at Flashpoint were really no different than those Jesus called. They were all ordinary folks. Yes, they live in a different era and they speak a different language but they are all followers of the same Master. It is being with Jesus that transforms unschooled, ordinary people into world changers.

Finally, most church leaders really want to see the church become a movement of multiplying disciples. They just don’t know how to do it. Always remember that disciple makers are born and not made. The original disciples had to be trained and equipped by Jesus in making disciples and that training had to be passed down in order for disciple making to continue. The reason The Flashpoint Conference exists is to help leaders learn how to make disciples.

From Israel to Alabama, disciple making is still God’s plan to reach the world. Keep making disciples!

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