Disciple Making in Newnan

by Apr 27, 2017

This week I had the honor of training around fifty church leaders in disciple making. It was such a privilege to have leaders from Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia come to Impact’s Disciple Making Church Seminar at Crossroads Church in Newnan, Georgia. As I reflect back on the training, here are a few observations.

More disciple making training is needed! Seminary does a great job of preparing ministers for church work but for the most part, it falls short in training ministers to lead disciple making churches. This week I had a 75 year old pastor say that he needs to change the way he did ministry for the time he had left.  Disciple Making would now be his focus.

The enemy is relentlessly fighting disciple making! A pastor that attended our training emailed me the next day and confessed that he had lost his focus. He had gotten so distracted by good things that he had missed the best things. He assured me that he was “all in” with disciple making. The enemy was dealt a blow!

Disciple¬†Making is supposed to be easy! A man emailed me after the seminar to thank me for making the material I presented so simple to understand. His comment was, “Jesus made it simple and so should we.” I couldn’t agree more. Jesus wouldn’t provide a plan to change the world that only a few people could execute. He wanted everyone to learn how to make disciples.

This won’t be my last training seminar! I was drained from a very full weekend and yet I was energized by the response in the room. Something about doing what Jesus did creates excitement. I plan to lead more seminars and I will even come lead a seminar in your church. Contact Impact Ministries if you want to know more about hosting a seminar or attending one in the future.

Please visit us at impactdisciples.com for more information or to contact us.

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