Disciple Making in the Swamp

by Aug 1, 2019

I had the opportunity to lead a group of forty University of Florida students in a time of disciple making training. It was an awesome time, and my wife and I were blessed to be a part of it. If that group of forty students truly grasps the concepts of multiplying disciples, the other 56,000 students better look out! 

As I reflect on the time we spent at the Baptist College Ministry in Gainesville, Florida, a few observations are worth mentioning. 

First, a college campus is a great place to make disciples! A college campus is unique. In one geographical location, you have a community of people who need to reached for Christ and discipled. A college campus is a great place to reach people, to have small groups, to disciple people, and to reproduce more disciples. College campuses are like greenhouses for disciple making.

UF BCM is very unique group. They are being led by leaders who truly understand disciple making. Eddie, Craig, and Kurt are leaders who understand the importance of helping students be disciples and build disciples. 

Second, a college student is a great person to make disciples! There is something about a twenty-year-old that is refreshing. A twenty-year-old hasn’t given up and put life on cruise control. College students have an optimism and openness about the idea of disciple making that lots of older church folks have lost. College students are not playing it safe and are willing to take risks others are not willing to take. College students enjoy adventure, and the idea of investing in someone to be a disciple of Jesus is an exciting adventure.

Many of the students I met and trained were actually very new to the idea of disciple making, but they see the potential that can come with a movement of multiplication. These students have not settled into a pew at church. They are willing to mix it up with lost people and help people come to faith and grow in Christ. The students I met with were very excited about the possibilities of investing in people who could reproduce the life of Christ in others. My time this week with these students reminded me why Jesus chose young people to change the world! 

Third, a college ministry is an important extension of the Church! UF BCM is not a church, but it is an extension of the Church. Baptist College Ministries are important places of connection for Christian students on college campuses. Students gather in places like the BCM. They worship there and they fellowship there. The BCM is a like a lighthouse in the darkness. College student ministries give students a home base and like-minded community. They help strengthen students’ faith, and give them a way to work together to reach other students for Christ. 

My understanding of the importance of college ministries was renewed during my time with UF BCM. Churches need to help support these ministries. When our students are away at school, these ministries act as an extension of the local church.

My time at the University of Florida made me realize how important it is for Impact Discipleship Ministries to have a strategy to help students become multiplying disciples. If you or someone you know is interesting in having Impact provide training on a college campus, contact us at impactdisciples.com. We would love to be a part of changing the world from a college campus. 

By Ken Adams, Founder and Director of Impact Discipleship Ministries

University of Florida Bible College Ministry with Ken and Val Adams

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