Disciple Making Pastor’s Plan

by Feb 17, 2022

I used to assume Jesus didn’t have a plan for His life and ministry and that He was just “free-styling” it. Maybe you’ve thought that as well? Was Jesus just living day by day? Was He driven by pressure or priority? Was He telling His time where it ought to go, or was He letting everyone else tell His time where it ought to go? I feel that it is unlikely that Jesus started the greatest movement in history in just three years with no method or strategy.

How do we know that Jesus was living by a plan? How do we know that Jesus wasn’t just reacting to whatever set of circumstances or needs came His way? There are several references in the Bible that show us how Jesus lived by a plan. Let’s take a closer look.

Jesus knew His mission! One of the ways we know Jesus had a plan is because Jesus was on a mission. Jesus was on “assignment” during His days on the planet. He came to make redemption possible and to start a movement of messengers of redemption. In John 17:4 we see that Jesus completed His mission: “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.” Jesus had a mission and He had a plan to accomplish it.

Jesus knew the objectives for His mission! Jesus knew that in order to accomplish His mission, He had to fulfill the objective of building a team of disciples to carry on the movement after He left. For three years Jesus was equipping and training these disciples to lead His Church. The objectives Jesus lived by were determined by what it took to accomplish His mission. It was easy to know what to do and not do because He knew what was required to make disciples of all nations. 

Jesus made daily decisions that were aligned with His objectives! Where Jesus went, what He did, and who He made time for were all determined by the objectives that allowed Him to fulfill his mission. Jesus knew His daily agenda would end up leading Him to the place He wanted to be. Each day Jesus was living proactively based on what His Father was leading Him to do. Jesus led a strategic and intentional life.

Are you living by a plan or by pressure? Are you telling your time where it should go or is someone else? Do you have a clear mission, clear objectives for accomplishing your mission, and a daily agenda that gets you there?

If you need help living by a plan that results in making disciples, Impact Discipleship Ministries can help. In fact, we have an online equipping group for pastors and leaders to help you learn how to maximize your potential for making disciples going on right now. Contact us at impactdisciples.com if you want more information about how to live a life of multiplying disciples. 

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