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Great things happen when a group of like-minded leaders pursuing the same goal gather together. The Making of a Disciple Making Pastor online equipping group is the place where you can network, learn, and be empowered to reach your potential and see success in your life work. If you’re ready to take your leadership to a whole new level, this is the place to start.


The Program

Online Learning

The Making of a Disciple Making Pastor is entirely online. No need to travel or block out weeks in your calendar for more seminars and events. You will participate online – all from the convenience of your home or office.

Custom Curriculum

As a member of the this equipping group, you will receive monthly Disciple Making Pastor curriculum online. This resource is carefully created by Ken Adams to help you in your leadership journey.


Monthly Snapshot

So, what does a month in the equipping group look like? Great question! There are four key elements each month. 

  • Course Video Training – Each month, you will receive videos made by Ken Adams outlining the training topics for that month. This training has been created exclusively for those in our equipping groups.
  • Course Reading – Every month, your group will study curriculum by Ken Adams focusing on a specific aspect of pastoral leadership. This content is meant to make you think critically and to stretch yourself. At the end of each chapter, you will be challenged with an assignment and goals for that month. Discussion about the reading and assignments will happen in your group coaching sessions.
  • Group Coaching Session – Every month, you, your selected equipping group coach, and other Disciple Making Pastors will meet online two times. This is where you will get some great training and will have the opportunity to get some of your leadership questions answered.

Group Discussion + Coaching

Over the course of seven sessions, you will meet online with your Impact coach and group to discuss all material, challenges, and questions about your leadership and organization.


Time Commitment

We understand that you already have a full schedule and find it challenging to make time for hobbies, recreation, and leadership development. You choose the day and time that best fits your schedule. With the exception of our live group meetings, everything is on-demand on your schedule. 

In total, there are seven online meetings.



We offer

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The Making of a Disciple Making Pastor

Online Equipping Groups

Making a decision to enroll in our The Making of A Disciple Making Pastor equipping group could be one of the best decisions you will ever make as a pastor. As a part of this group, you will receive training inspired by 30 years of disciple making experience from Ken Adams.

Ken has strategically designed this program to help you rise to new levels of personal and spiritual development learning a practical strategy to get your ministry on target with Christ’s mission to make disciples – starting with your personal leadership development.

Register today and you will receive your first session at no cost! Click one one of the payment options above to get started.