Donuts and God

by Aug 18, 2016

I had an interesting experience recently. I bought donuts at a place called the “Donut Experiment.” My experience taught me a lot about worshipping God. Let me share a few thoughts with you.

First, you need to understand that the Donut Experiment stays packed with people. It only operates from 7:00 am to 1:00 pm and people line up to order and wait up to an hour at times for their donuts to be made. They take a basic cake donut, dip it in the icing of your choice and then cover it with only one topping. The result- donut magic!

As I have pondered the donut experiment here is what it teaches me about the worship of God.



Anticipation! Consider this. I heard about the Donut Experiment from a friend and anticipated my visit there for several days. Like many others, I couldn’t wait for the experience.

Worship should be filled with anticipation. Experiencing God should be something we tell our friends about and look forward to all week long.

Inspiration! Placing my order at the Donut Experiment was fun. I was totally engaged in the process. I felt connected to the whole environment. I didn’t mind waiting in line, making my choices, or paying the bill in order to get my donut experience.

Worship should be a place where the worshipper engages with God. The worshipper ought to be inspired by the presence of God in the music, the teaching, and the people. Worship should cause a connection. Worship should be fun.

Satisfaction! “I would go back.” Do I need to explain satisfaction any other way? The fact that I would go back to the Donut Experiment, stand in line, wait for my order, and pay the fifteen dollars for a dozen donuts is proof that it met my need.

Worship should meet a need that everyone has. Encountering God ought to quench a thirst, fill a hunger, and meet a need. Amazing what donuts can teach us about God.


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