Encouraging Spiritual Growth

by Mar 23, 2017

Spring is right around the corner. Before you know it, buds will be bursting into bloom and flowers and new leaves will be gracing the trees and bushes. Gardens will be planted and luscious vegetables will be anticipated. Growth will be happening all around us!

What about our spiritual growth? Are our spiritual lives anticipating new fruit? How do we encourage spiritual growth?

Just as a gardener will till the ground and prepare it for the seeds using his essential tools like a rake, shovel and even a roto-tiller, so we can prepare our hearts and minds to receive the seeds of instruction and truth that we need by using essential tools. The Disciple Making Essential Series is designed for just that purpose! The 8 books in the series lead us through the foundational elements and fundamental truth that we need to develop our spiritual lives.

These proven, life changing resources are clearly written and user friendly! Each book is written as a weekly study with daily Bible readings, and a memory verse using a thoughtful question and answer format. At the end of each chapter, there are wrap up questions for discussion or personal reflection. These books are wonderful for personal study or small group study. Each resource will lead one to better knowledge and a deeper understanding of the topic. They range from 4-week to 8-week studies.

Working through the series provides a well-balanced curriculum for small groups and Bible study groups. Depending on how the series is used with breaks for holidays and summer, this series is designed for a 12 to18 month time period. These tools were created and fleshed out in the context of a local church setting. They have been tested and tried in our own church, Crossroads Church.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s till up the ground of our hearts, plant the seeds of new growth and dig deep into learning more about God, His word, His Church and the foundations of the Christian life so that we can be and build disciples for Jesus Christ.

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