The Making of a Disciple-Making Pastor

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What Exactly is Online Equipping? Do I really need it?

Equipping Basics

Our online pastor’s equipping groups consist of bi-weekly content developed over 30 years of “on-the-job” discipleship work. It consists of reading, video training, tailored projects, and online meetings with your trainer and peer group.

Do You Need Online Equipping

If you want to make and multiply disciples in your ministry, deciding to enroll in this group could be life-changing.

Join “The Making of a Disciple-Making Pastor” online equipping group and learn how to become an effective leader in making and multiplying disciples in your church. Developed by experienced pastors, this course covers the six crucial priorities of Disciple-Making Pastors. Through seven online sessions, you’ll receive personalized coaching to help you develop the necessary skills to fulfill Jesus’ mission of making disciples. Join us today and take the first step towards leading your congregation towards becoming a movement of multiplying disciples!

What It Can Help You With

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Our approach to equipping



Many pastors today have not been personally discipled and lack disciple-making training in their theological education. Our course seeks to address this gap by providing pastors with the tools to become influential disciple-making leaders in their churches.

Drawing on over 30 years of “on-the-job” disciple-making experience, we offer a strategic and intentional process for pastors seeking to lead their congregations toward becoming movements of multiplication. The course covers six crucial priorities of Disciple-Making Pastors, modeled after Jesus’ approach to disciple-making.

The course consists of seven online sessions where pastors meet with a group of twelve peers to discuss the strategic content developed by our team. Pastors will receive personalized coaching and accountability throughout the course to help them develop the necessary skills to fulfill Jesus’ mission of making disciples.

As a pastor, the course creator, Ken Adams, knows firsthand the challenges of leading a church to become a Disciple-Making Movement. He is committed to sharing the most important things he has learned about this ministry to help pastors progress as Disciple-Making Pastors.

Join us in “The Making of a Disciple-Making Pastor” group and take the first step towards leading your congregation to fulfill the mission of making disciples.


The Making of a Disciple-Making Pastor Blog

“Many pastors have never been personally discipled. If you ask pastors if they are discipling other people themselves, they likely will answer no. Many pastors today have had no disciple-making training in their theological education, and they have not had models of Disciple-Making Pastors to follow. The Church today is getting the exact results our equipping systems are designed to produce. We are not doing what Jesus did.

Jesus handed the mission of His Church over to people whom He had discipled…” 

Six Priorities of a Disciple-Making Pastor

“All six of these priorities come right out of the life of Christ. Jesus is the original and perfect disciple maker, and He is the model of what it means to be a disciple-making pastor. Let me give you a quick overview of these six major priorities for creating a disciple making pastor…”

We Also Give Hands-On Seminars & Consultations

We provide training, coaching, consulting, and resources to support you in your disciple-making journey. Reach out to us for a free consultation and we’ll help you identify next steps that will be helpful.

As a result of this equipping group, I am ready to leverage my influence in groups, in our church, and in other churches to make disciples that make disciples.

I am leading a group of potential leaders through the M-7 Project.

I am leading myself from an annual plan and using a monthly check-up for accountability.

I am planning a 3:15 equipping group to train small group leaders later this year.

I am investing in other pastors to help them become disciple-making pastors.

Rod Zwemke

Senior Pastor, Crossroads Church of Jackson County

I am planning to use what I learned to leverage my own leadership and influence.
I plan to promote this equipping group and also to lead myself well and to lead others by staying focus on the mission of Jesus.
This group was a great equipping experience for pastors and would also be good for lay leaders to understand and stay focused on the mission of Christ.

Bert Chastain

Ministry Lay Leader

Thank you so much for all you did for us. We have received great feedback from our leaders! Our church was all abuzz on Sunday as our leaders shared their excitement of what they had learned. I heard a few leaders even say they felt they had been to a revival! I think the hearts of so many of our people needed this message and their hearts and minds were awakened to the importance of making disciples. For that I am so grateful!

Gail Haney

Ministry Lay Leader



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