Evangelism on Mission

by Nov 23, 2017

Any believer that is serious about his or her faith agrees that we are here to reach the world for Jesus Christ. The evangelization of the planet should be a priority for every committed follower of Jesus. We may not all agree on how to do it.

I must admit from the start that I have a hard time finding fault with any kind of evangelistic effort that works. However, there are good methods of reaching the world, and there are great methods of reaching the world.

Good methods of evangelizing the world might include things such as crusades, witnessing programs, servant evangelism efforts, and special church services. There are any number of evangelistic events that add new believers.

The great method of evangelism is when a believer reaches a believer, and then disciples that person to reach more people. When disciples are being made, multiplying efforts go from good to great.

I know this will sound like heresy, but producing evangelistic events can, at times, keep us from actually multiplying disciples. Jesus did not tell us to “go make events.” He told us to go “make disciples.” We must not forget what the mission is, and to keep our evangelism on mission. The best evangelistic effort in the world is a disciple that is going, baptizing, and teaching disciples to go, baptize, and teach more disciples.

One of the all time classic books on disciple making is titled, “The Master Plan of Evangelism” by Robert Coleman. It might sound strange that a book on disciple making is called “The Master Plan of Evangelism” unless you understand that multiplying disciples is the Master’s plan for reaching the planet.

I hope this blog makes you think and doesn’t confuse you. Evangelism is very important, but evangelism works best when it happens through a movement of multiplying disciples. To learn more check out impactdisciples.com.

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