Fully Engaged

by Sep 14, 2017

I have noticed something interesting as I have moved into the mid-life phase of life. I have noticed that quite a few of the friends that were very involved in church in their thirties are not as committed in their fifties. Many of the couples that were heavily involved in church when our kids were young and growing up have taken backseat to involvement. There seems to be this idea that makes church more casual for empty nesters than it was when their kids were younger.

I must admit I am having a hard time squaring this casual attitude toward church with the scriptural teaching of church. In fact, when I read scripture I see that commitment toward the church should increase rather than decrease with age. The older we get, the more engaged we should be with ministry in the local church.

When a person moves into their fifties and becomes an empty nester, they actually have more time to invest in ministry than ever before. They also have a better awareness of their gifts and abilities than ever. I’m suggesting something that is very contrary to what is popular. I am suggesting that the older you get the more committed to the church you ought to be.

Yes, you can still travel and visit your family but when you home you need to realize the church needs your involvement more than ever. The church needs people in the mid-life season to be fully engaged. When you move into your fifties and sixties, it is not the time to throttle back, it is time to invest more. You may invest differently but you should not invest less!

Certainly, life has seasons but nowhere in scripture does the Bible teach a hiatus from the body of Christ. Nowhere in the scripture is the idea of retiring from ministry taught. Make the later years of more life more ministry rich than ever and make it happen in the local church.




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