Furniture Store Disciple Making

by Apr 11, 2019

I had another “first” a few weeks ago. I was asked to lead a short Bible study in a furniture store where an elder in our church is employed. It was an awesome time sharing God’s Word with a dozen people in the market place.

The Bible study took place early on a Friday morning before the store opened for business. It was so cool! Every single employee in the business came, and we sat in lazy-boy recliners and talked about the story of Job. Following the study, we all had breakfast together and then their day began.

As I reflect on my first Bible study in a furniture store I want to share a few observations.

Discipleship can happen anywhere! The first disciples were made by a lake with fishermen and tax collectors. At this furniture store, the elder in our church is discipling another worker at the store. They meet once a week for discipleship in the store break room. What a great example of taking the church to the world. That is Jesus-style disciple making.

Disciple making can be done by anyone! My elder friend does not have a seminary degree or Bible college training. He would not consider himself a teacher or theologian. However, he is very faithful, available, and teachable. This elder is, in fact, more spiritually qualified to make disciples than lots of people with degrees and diplomas. He may be an “unschooled, common” man, but he has been with Jesus.

Discipleship is needed by everybody! The employees in this furniture store are very fortunate that God sent a man to their store who believes everybody needs to be a disciple of Christ. Not only does my friend believe everybody needs to be discipled, but he is willing to take a chance to be salt and light in a dark world. Instead of hiding his light under a bushel, my friend has been willing to let his light shine brightly. We need more Christians that are willing to shine their light for Christ and look for disciple making opportunities in the work place.

A church that makes disciples sends out disciple makers! My elder buddy will tell you he didn’t know much about disciple making when he first started attending our church. He knew Christ, but he did not know his mission was to make disciples. Being in a disciple making church has helped him to see his purpose in life is not solely selling furniture: his purpose to make disciples everywhere he goes.

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