Hungry to Learn

by Dec 10, 2020

Over the years I have had many opportunities to come alongside church leaders and help them learn more about disciple making. I love those opportunities to share with other the things I have learned over the years of ministry. One of the goals of learning should ultimately be to share what we’ve learned with others. That’s what disciple making is all about.

These opportunities have come in lots of different forms and places in my life. I have been able to train disciple making leaders in Haiti, India, Brazil, Philippines, and Thailand. I have also been able to train leaders across the United States in settings very much like the one I serve in. All of these experiences have given me a very interesting observation: not everyone shares an equal hunger to learn.

If I am honest with you, leaders in other countries demonstrate a much greater hunger to learn than most of the leaders I’ve worked with in the U.S. Many of the leaders I have trained in other countries travel long distances to be present. They come early and they stay until the end. They don’t constantly check their cell phones or check their email during the training time. They are attentive and soak up the teaching like water on a parched piece of land.

In some of the trainings I have conducted in the U.S., my fellow leaders have been less enthusiastic about the opportunities to learn. Many of them have a “take-it-or-leave-it” mentality and they really don’t demonstrate much of a hunger to learn. Everyone has a different story, background, and I’m thankful that those leaders still come to my trainings. But I still wonder why some have lost the hunger to learn. I can’t help but think one reason may be because we have so many opportunities to choose from in the U.S. Maybe our overload of resources has caused us to lose our appetite for going deeper.

I truly believe that the mission of Jesus Christ ought to be something that we are all passionate about. I want to give my time and energy to the very thing that Jesus came to do – make disciples who make disciples.

I share this with you and want to invite you to a great learning opportunity coming up for our ministry. It is called the Disciple Making Summit and it will be well worth your time as a disciple maker to learn from other established disciple makers and network with people who are on the same journey building disciples of Jesus. On January 29-30, Impact Discipleship Ministries is partnering with Crossroads Church to host this incredible event championing the mission Jesus left for us in the Great Commission.

We exist to inspire people and churches to be and build disciples. This conference is right in line with our mission. If you’re hungry to go deeper as a disciple, the Disciple Making Summit is for you. Go ahead and register today for a great weekend of inspiration and growth around the concept of multiplying your life for Christ through multiplying His disciples.

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