Investing in a Movement

by Sep 28, 2021

What would you do if you had a few extra dollars to invest? Would you place it in a bank account that paid no interest, or put it in a CD, mutual fund, or money market? I’m guessing you would put that extra money in an investment vehicle that would pay you at least some interest, if not the one that paid the most interest possible. 

If we would do that with our money for earthy things, why wouldn’t we also do that for eternal things? We give to lots of different causes, but how much of our post-tithe giving goes to multiplying movements of disciples?

Few people really consider investing their financial resources in disciple making ministries that multiply disciples. That kind of giving would be considered a “high-yield” investment. Investing in disciple making is one of the very best ways to use the resources God has given you. It is an investment that keeps on making an impact. 

If you invest $100 dollars in a disciple making ministry that helps produce multiple generations of disciples, then your money has paid a huge dividend. If you give $100 to a ministry that has a one-time result and that’s it, then your yield could be good, but not necessarily high. In other words, you earned a small amount of interest rather than the maximum amount of interest. 

I am personally committed to tithing and “over and above” giving to my local church. I know that God expects me to support the “storehouse,” and I also know the church I belong to is a disciple making church.

But I also give to disciple making ministries that I know are multiplying disciples. There is no shortage of ministries and people asking for support, but I have chosen to give to those that are specifically on mission to multiply disciples. To me, this is the very best way I can steward the resources God has given me. 

Impact Discipleship Ministries is one of the disciple making ministries that I support. I give to Impact because I know that it is a ministry that is committed to launching disciple making movements. Giving to Impact gives me confidence to know that my investment in a movement will keep paying dividends long after I am gone. What kind of investment can be better than that? 

If you are interested in giving to Impact Discipleship Ministries, it is easy to do. You can click here to make an online contribution, or you can mail your gift to Impact Discipleship Ministries at 2564 Highway 154, Newnan, GA, 30265.

I can assure you that the money you invest in Impact Discipleship Ministries will go to inspiring people and churches to be and build disciples of Jesus Christ around the world. Thank you for considering a monthly gift or a one-time gift to help Impact Discipleship Ministries multiply more disciples.

(IMPACT DISCIPLESHIP MINISTRIES, INC. is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Federal Tax ID # 30-0267768. All contributions are 100% tax-deductible.)

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