Disciple Making Lessons from Israel: Great Things Can Come from Little Things

by Sep 15, 2016

I just returned a few months ago from a trip to Israel. I led a group of over nearly forty people from the US to Israel with my friend Dann Spader for a study tour. Trust me when I say this, there is no better place on the planet to study the life of Christ and disciple making than in Israel. In the next several blogs I’d like to share a few lessons on disciple making that have jumped off the map for since returning. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and share them with others.

My first take away from my trip to Israel is this simple lesson: Great things can come from little things!

Israel is one of the smallest nations on the planet. You can drive the whole length of the nation in less than five hours and the entire width in less than that. It’s unbelievable that this small piece of land is the most sought after piece of property in the world. I guess everybody wants a piece of the Promised Land!

As I traveled this small piece of real estate, one question kept running through my mind. How did a movement so powerful come from a place so small? Don’t you find it amazing that the greatest movement in human history originated in one of the smallest countries in the world?

A man named Jesus, who never traveled more than one hundred miles from his home, has literally impacted the entire planet. Hospitals, Universities, Cities, and Towns have been influenced by this man’s life. Songs, Books, Poems, and works of art have been produced based on this man’s influence. No one has had more of an impact on human civilization than Jesus. So how did it happen?

The answer is quite simple. Jesus started a movement of disciple making that reached the very ends of the earth. From a very small and insignificant region of the world Jesus invested in a few men that would in turn invest in a few more and two thousand years later the movement has spread around the globe. Not a bad investment!

I once heard someone say it like this, “Anyone can count the seeds in an apple but only God can count the apples in a seed.” Jesus planted a few seeds in a small field and today the harvest in immeasurable. How many seeds have you planted lately?

Are you letting God use your little for something great?


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