Jesus, Your Discipleship Map!

by Jan 11, 2018

In Experiencing God, Henry Blackaby gives a great illustration about following a map that a farmer friend gave him. In a nutshell, Blackaby concludes that his farmer friend is the map needed to get where he needs to go. A great analogy!

When it comes to navigating a new year, you might need a map. The best map you can follow is Jesus! He will get you exactly where you need to go. You will never end up at the wrong destination if you are following Jesus.

One of the very best things you can do for the next twelve months is to open your Bible and read about the life of Christ. Take a little time every day to study the way Jesus lived and follow the map He provides. You will be amazed at how clear your path is, and how simple life can be.

As you study the life of Jesus, you will soon navigate the map needed to being a disciple and building disciples. You will  see the importance of belonging to a Christ-centered community. You will learn the importance of growth and maturity. You will develop a desire for ministry and service. You will yearn to become a better manager and steward of your resources. You will have a heart for worship and time with God. You will become a messenger of the Good News and you will be passionate about making more disciples.

These discipleship traits will develop in your life after reading the gospels and submitting your will to the Holy Spirit. The map will get you to the right place! The only thing you must do is connect to the map. Whenever you lose your connection to the map you will lose your way on the path. Stay connected!

 As you begin a brand new year, I hope that becoming a fully trained disciple of Jesus is at the top on your list. Becoming a fully trained disciple is the reason you exist. It is why you have breath in your lungs and another day to live. God wants to bless you and make you a blessing. Being fully trained and helping others become fully trained is the right destination for 2018.

I will be praying that you get to the right destination in the next twelve months. At Impact Ministries, we are dedicated to helping you follow the right map. If we can assist you in resources or training, just contact us at We also invite you to partner with us in helping christians and churches start movements of multiplying disciples. If you are interested in being on our prayer team, serving with us, or donating to this ministry, please contact us at Have a great 2018!

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