Know When to be Quiet

by Oct 3, 2019

I listen to quite a few podcasts, and one of my favorites is a podcast called Church Leadership Podcast with Mark Gainey and Andy Frazier. You should check it out sometime.

The other day while running, I was listening to Mark and Andy interview a man named Robert Coleman, the author of The Master Plan of Evangelism. This book is the classic in disciple making and a must-read for every Christ follower. 

If you have ever listened to Mark and Andy, you know that they always have plenty to say. They are great interviewers and have no trouble keeping a conversation going. 

In this particular podcast with Dr. Coleman, I noticed something very interesting about halfway through it. I noticed that neither Andy or Mark were saying very much. In fact, the two talkative podcasters had become very attentive listeners. You knew that Andy and Mark were taking in as much from Dr. Coleman as any of their listeners were. Mark and Andy knew they were in the presence of a godly man filled with incredible wisdom and insight. Mark and Andy both knew it was time to listen. 

As I listened to Andy and Mark interview Dr. Coleman, here were some of the thoughts that came to my mind.

First, it is important to stay teachable. Mark and Andy know a lot about disciple making, but they knew they were in the presence of one of the greatest disciple making thinkers today. It was time to listen and learn, not talk. I pray that I will also remain teachable and never stop learning how to be and build disciples.

Second, keep investing in people. Dr. Coleman is well into his 90’s and he is still teaching seminary. Not only does he still teach, but he disciples a new group of students every year. He refers to his disciples as “his boys.” I hope that when I am in my 90’s I am still investing in younger people and still helping make fully trained disciples. What a great way to live your life.

Third, honor people. As I listened to Mark and Andy talk with this legend in disciple making, I was moved by the way they allowed him to say whatever was on his mind. They knew they were given a great opportunity to sit at this man’s feet and soak up his wisdom. My friends honored a man who has been a faithful disciple and disciple maker for a very long time. Listening to him talk about heaven (and whatever else he wanted to talk about) was about honor as well as learning. 

In conclusion, I hope you will do a couple of things. First, read Robert Coleman’s book The Master Plan of Evangelism. Second, listen to the Church Leadership Podcast by Andy Frazier and Mark Gainey. Finally, go make some disciples! You will be glad you did all of the above.

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