Magnifying Matters

by Jul 12, 2018

Psalm 34:3 says, “Oh, magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt His Name together.”

As I read this verse, I am greatly disturbed by a growing trend. Fewer and fewer believers are attending worship services.

I was just having a conversation with a missionary from Southeast Asia about the changes I am witnessing in the North American Church these days. My comment to him was that not too long ago people would say, “It is Sunday, we are going to church.” These days people say, “It is Sunday, do you feel like going to church?”

The convenience attitude toward worship is not the right direction to go. Making attendance at a weekly worship gathering optional rather than essential is not healthy, and is not what God desires for His disciples. This is a trend that is leading us in the wrong direction.

The psalmist gives us some great thoughts to consider in Psalm 34.

First, magnifying is a command! The psalmist is indicating that magnifying the Lord is important. When we magnify the Lord, we make Him greater. We make Him bigger. We make Him larger. Magnifying is another word for worship or praise. When a group of believers gather together and lift up Jesus in praise and worship, He is magnified.

Jesus wants His people to magnify Him. He wants us to make Him greater. It is right to make more of Him and less of us. It is good to have believers meeting with one another to make much of Christ. We are clearly commanded to magnify the Lord because He deserves it and we need to do it.

Second, magnifying is exalting! When someone is exalted, that means they are given status. The dictionary defines it as, “raised or elevated in rank or position.” I love that concept. It is good for a Christ follower to elevate or raise Christ to a higher position in our hearts and minds. He is already in a higher position, but it is important for me to demonstrate that and to acknowledge that. If I make attending a praise and worship gathering a priority in my life, then my actions prove the level of importance Christ has in my life. If I miss worship, I am making a statement about the position the Lord has in my life. Magnifying consistently matters.

Finally, magnifying has a together factor! The psalmist does not encourage us to magnify the Lord on our own. He does not advocate that we magnify in isolation. Magnifying is a “together” activity. Technology is great for helping me watch a worship service when I am out of town, but it is not a replacement for consistently being in a house of worship. Call me “old school” if you wish, but there is a benefit to magnifying God with others that you miss when doing it alone.

Magnifying the Lord still matters. Even if our culture is going in a different direction, God’s Word is timeless and changeless. I suggest following the Word, not culture.

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