The Making of a Disciple Making Pastor

by Jan 2, 2020

If the mission of the Church is to make disciples of all nations, then every pastor should be a Disciple Making Pastor. How can that be?

Many pastors have never been personally discipled. If you ask pastors if they are discipling other people themselves, they likely will answer no. Many pastors today have had no disciple making training in their theological education, and they have not had models of Disciple Making Pastors to follow. The Church today is getting the exact results our equipping systems are designed to produce. We are not doing what Jesus did.

Jesus handed the mission of His Church over to men whom He had discipled. They had been “studying” disciple making under His experiential education for three years before they began their own individual ministries. Without question, Jesus had a system to produce leaders in His Church. That system revolved around His disciple makers who would carry on His mission.

Today, we need to return to Jesus’ model of disciple making. We do need pastors that have great training in theology, preaching, and shepherding, but we also need pastors who know how to lead the Church to be a Disciple Making Movement. 

Becoming a Disciple Making Pastor is not automatic. A person has to be trained and equipped to become a Disciple Making Pastor. They need to be taught the priorities that are seen in Jesus, and they need accountability and coaching to develop the necessary skills and abilities to lead their Church to become a Disciple Making Church.

Over thirty years ago, I started a local church and I had no idea how to lead that church to become a Disciple Making Movement. My seminary training and pastoral examples did not equip me to lead the church I was pastoring to fulfill the mission of making disciples. Thankfully, I found the right people and resources along the way to help me learn how to lead my church to become a movement of multiplying disciples. I have certainly not arrived but I have learned a few things along the way that have really helped me make progress as a Disciple Making Pastor. 

At this point in my life and ministry, I am committed to sharing with others some of the most important things I have learned in my lifetime. This is why I created The Making of a Disciple Making Pastor online equipping group. In this group, I meet with 12 pastors once a month for seven months online. I have designed these meetings to help pastors learn six of the most crucial priorities in becoming a Disciple Making Pastor.

We have more groups launching soon! Check them out here on our website! Trust me, you’ll be glad you did. 

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