Mission Drift

by Sep 8, 2016

Everybody has had that experience where you were floating on a raft in the ocean in front of your hotel and a few minutes later you were three or four hotels away from where you started. Drifting not only happens on a raft in the ocean, it happens in life. Sometimes we are floating along in the current of life never realizing that our mission is slowly losing focus. We started out with great clarity on why we are here and what we need to be doing and before we know it we’ve moved a long way away from where we wanted to be.

Rarely does anyone set out to drift away from their mission. Drifting never happens intentionally. It always happens unintentionally. In the ocean we take our eyes off the focal point, we stop paddling, and we simply float off course in the current because we are no longer thinking about trying to stay where we are.

Drifting in life happens much the same way it does in the ocean. We take our eyes you of our mission statement, we stop putting effort to our mission, and we get sucked up into the current of busyness and distraction. Before you know it you are no longer accomplishing the mission you set out to fulfill.

If you have found yourself experiencing mission drift here are three questions to help you get back to where you need to be.

Ask the “why” question! Getting back to your mission begins with asking why you exist. An individual or an organization must know why they exist to be able to determine what and how they do things.

Ask the “what” question! Once you know why you exist you can determine what you need to be doing to accomplish the why. The why question will give you your purpose and the what question will help you determine your priorities.

Ask the “how” question! If you know why you exist and what you need to do then you are able to decide how you will do it. A plan to accomplish your priorities will help you fulfill your purpose.


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