No Fruit!

by Apr 13, 2017

In Mark 11:12-14, Jesus curses a fig tree because it had leaves on it but no fruit. A fig tree in leaf is supposed to have fruit!

The cursing of the fig tree is the only destructive miracle Jesus performs. The fig tree withers and dies because Jesus cursed it. Why did Jesus do this? Jesus was clearly cursing the fig tree to make a point. Jesus was driving home the idea that if we profess to follow Him then we ought to bear fruit in our lives. In other words, our walk should match out talk.

When I think of this story, it makes me think of disciple making. How many disciples are fruitless? How many disciples have never seen fruit produced through their lives? How many disciples have leaves but no figs?Jesus is calling us to “bear much fruit” and proving to be his disciples. This means the idea of a fruitless or barren disciple is not how Jesus defined a disciple. Jesus defines a disciple as a believer that bears fruit for the glory of God. In Christ’s eyes, a disciple makes more disciples!

Jesus curses this fig tree at a very important time. In the final week of His life on earth, as He heads to the cross, He gives us a visual reminder of what He wants us to do while He is gone. Jesus expects His disciples to reproduce and bear much fruit for the kingdom’s sake. This is a great time for you to evaluate your life. How are you doing at bearing fruit? Is your life bearing or barren? Are you making disciples the way Jesus called you to or have you gotten distracted and sidetracked from the Great Commission of Jesus?

This Easter season is a great time to renew your commitment to the priority of making disciples. This is a great time to bear fruit for Christ and make a disciple that lives and lead like Jesus did. May you be a tree that Jesus blesses rather than curses.


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