Our Third Disciple-Making Summit

by Nov 10, 2022

From its start in 2021, the Disciple Making Summit has had a singular mission—calling disciple-makers, leaders, and pastors worldwide to come together to focus on our main purpose. Jesus told us in Matthew 28:19 to “Go and make disciples…” We are here to do just that. Join the movement and come together with us for one weekend and learn more about how you can make and multiply disciples of Jesus.

What is the Disciple Making Summit? The Summit is an annual event hosted at Crossroads Church (HWY 16 Campus) over two days that involves three main sessions of teaching and three full sets of worship. In addition, on Saturday, you will have your choice of two breakout teaching sessions. These choices will include a breakout on Life-changing Discipleship, Group Dynamics, College and Young Adult Ministry, Men’s Ministry, and breakout panels, including a Pastor Panel, Student Panel, and Women’s Ministry Panel.

Who is the Disciple Making Summit for? If you are a disciple maker, pastor, volunteer, small group member/leader, or leader in your church, the Summit is the place for you! Disciple makers from across the U.S. and worldwide will gather at this event, and we want you to be a part of it. While pastors and church leaders will undoubtedly benefit from this conference, this space is 100% for anyone wanting to make and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ, and all of the above will benefit from attending this event.

What will I get out of this event? First and foremost, we hope you will walk away with fresh inspiration and motivation for multiplying the disciples of Jesus in 2023. At this event, you will be surrounded by like-minded disciple-makers who also pursue Jesus’ primary mission in their churches and individual ministries. On top of that, we have a phenomenal list of speakers who will be teaching that weekend. Our main session speakers will offer you fresh perspectives on multiplying disciples, and our breakout speakers will be able to offer you insight and strategies for your specific area of ministry. Finally, our lobby will be full of tables hosted by each speaker who will happily partner with you in 2023 to improve your ministry strategy and ultimately make more disciples of Jesus. We hope you’ll walk away with a whole heart and a plan for multiplying disciples in the new year.

Where can I sign up for the Pre-Summit Seminars? If you didn’t already know, we also offer Pre-Summit Seminars this year on Friday morning. These include the Disciple Making Pastor Seminar (Impact Discipleship Ministries), The Disciple Making Church Seminar (Impact Discipleship Ministries), and the Strategy Seminar (Sonlife Ministries). These require a separate sign-up and registration from the main Summit event, so sign up if interested!

Where can I see the Disciple Making Summit Schedule? To see the complete list of scheduled events for that weekend, check out the main Summit event page! Please note that there is no childcare provided for the Summit.

We believe this conference is compelling for disciple-makers. The Church desperately needs a training and networking venue that is committed to championing the Great Commandment and the Great Commission of Jesus Christ. The Disciple Making Summit will be one of those venues that focuses on the very thing Jesus came to do and told us to do. Jesus said, “go and make disciples,” and that is our primary mission.

Sign up for the Summit today and save your spot for what we hope will be a phenomenal weekend!

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