Pastors Lead Leaders

by Feb 3, 2022

Disciple making pastors not only lead disciples, they also lead disciple makers. This is where multiplication and reproduction of disciples truly happens. This is where pastors mobilize leaders to lead others to become fully trained disciples. Very few pastors ever get to this stage of influence for Christ. You can probably count on one hand the number of people you know who have made disciples that went on to make more more disciples. 

We all know that Jesus made disciples. What we sometimes fail to realize is that He also led those disciples to make disciples. Jesus was not just a leader – He was a leader of leaders! 

The Scriptures do not tell us exactly how the disciples multiplied more disciples, but we do know that the twelve gave some leadership to the seventy-two. The seventy-two gave some leadership to the one hundred twenty that were in the upper room. I believe that the one hundred twenty gave leadership to the three thousand that were saved and baptized at Pentecost. However this process looked, we do know that leadership was in place and that leadership was the intentional result of the time Jesus originally spent with the twelve. 

The model of Jesus ought to speak to every pastor that desires to become a disciple making pastor. Be a leader of leaders. Make disciples and then help them reproduce the process with others. 

There are very few pastors today that are intentional about the process of making disciples who will ultimately become leaders. I know very few pastors that can actually count more than one generation of fully trained disciples as a result of their intentional and strategic influence. That is a problem. 

Pastors that want to be leaders of leaders and multiply their influence need simply to do what Jesus did. They need to select the right people, equip them the right way, and mobilize them to repeat the process. 

Jesus did not select His twelve disciples randomly. He didn’t just walk along the sea shore and say, “I’ll take you and you and you.” He knew who they were and He had invited them to “come and see” what He was about before He called them to be His disciples. Jesus spent a night in prayer before calling His twelve to be His team. 

It took Jesus approximately three years to equip and train His disciples to lead His movement. He lived with them and modeled for them what He wanted them to be and to do. Jesus equipped His disciple making team by example. He modeled exactly what He would eventually call them to do.

When the disciples were ready, Jesus mobilized them to lead His mission and movement. He did this by commissioning them to the exact same cause He had come to fulfill. Obedience was the key to successful mobilization. When Jesus told them to “make disciples of all nations” by going, baptizing, and teaching. They had a choice – obey, or disobey. I believe the changes they had experienced in their own lives made obedience a simple choice.

A pastor that seeks to become a disciple making pastor will need to use their influence to raise up leaders of leaders. They will make disciples and then challenge them to go and do likewise. That is how you make a movement and that is how you change the world. 

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