Personal Inventory Time

by Nov 28, 2019

As I sit down to write this blog, we are just a few weeks away from the end of another year. For me, this is the time that I sit down to take a personal inventory. I like to end each year and begin each year looking at my life and evaluating where I am and where I need to be going.

A big part of my personal inventory time is looking at my life as a disciple of Christ. You see, every year I start out wanting to be more of a “fully trained” disciple (Luke 6:40) than I was the year before. To be a more “fully trained” disciple than I was a year ago means that I must look more like my teacher, Jesus.

Looking more like Jesus means having more of His character and His conduct. I want to become more like Christ in “who I am” and in “what I do.” Becoming more like Christ in who I am means that I would see more of the fruit of the Spirit being displayed in my life. I like to look back over the past year and ask myself if I have displayed more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, and self-control. If I am real ambitious, I might even ask a few people that are close to me to evaluate my character as well. Other people might offer a more honest and objective perspective to add to your inventory than if you were solely relying on your own opinion of your progress.

I also want to look back at the end of each year and know that I have become more like Christ in my conduct. Becoming more like Christ in my conduct means I would see more of the behavior of Christ displayed in my life. I like to look back over the past year and ask myself if I have demonstrated more commitment to belonging, worshipping, growing, serving, managing, sharing, and reproducing. All of these marks of a disciple are the things we see in Christ and His disciples. If we see them in Christ and His disciples, then we ought to see them displayed in our own lives. 

Evaluating my conduct is pretty simple because I have a monthly process in place to keep track of how I am doing in each of these “marks of a disciple.” I have a personal accountability journal where I write down my progress in all seven areas of a fully trained disciple. My goal is not to just hope that I become a fully trained disciple – I want to know for certain that I am becoming a fully trained disciple. 

Once I take inventory on my life, I make a commitment to keep growing in Christ like character and conduct in the coming year. I set goals and objectives for how I can grow and I ask the Holy Spirit to make those goals a reality in my life. Apart for the Spirit of God, nothing can truly change in me. It all begins with the work of the Holy Spirit. With the Spirit of God at work in me, I can become more like my teacher every year.

At Impact Discipleship Ministries, we are committed to helping people become fully trained disciples of Christ. To help you in that pursuit, I encourage you to check out The M-7 Project. The M-7 Project is a tool to help you become more like your teacher in all of the ways I described above. You can order a copy here: I pray you grow more this coming year than ever before. 

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