Praying for a Movement

by Sep 20, 2021

What do you find yourself praying for most often? People pray for lots of different things. We pray for the sick, for our problems, for our friends, family, and church. But rarely do most people ever pray for a movement of multiplying disciples. 

Praying for a movement of multiplying disciples is something valuable we can add to our prayer list. Just think about it. Wouldn’t God want us to be praying for the very thing He came to do? Jesus came to start a movement of multiplying disciples and I can only imagine that one of His most important prayer requests was to see a movement of disciple making become a reality. 

One way that you can pray for a disciple making movement is to add one or two disciple making ministries to your prayer list. Think how easy it is to make praying for a movement a priority when you are connected to a ministry that is committed to starting disciple making movements around the world. 

At Impact Discipleship Ministries, we are looking for prayer partners. We are looking to recruit people who are serious about seeing a movement of disciple making take place in our lifetime to join our prayer team.

Each month, we send our prayer team a prayer letter that informs them on what and how they can pray for disciple makers working to establish disciple making movements around the world.

When Jesus prayed for a movement of disciple making, He was praying for the original movement, the Church, that He began. He would have probably prayed for potential disciples, for the training of the twelve, and for future leaders of His church. No doubt Jesus was asking the Father to help His disciples “get it” and for people to be receptive and committed to disciple making. I can imagine He was praying for protection over this new movement and for God’s blessing upon it. 

The way Jesus prayed for His original movement of disciples in the Church is the way we ought to pray for movements of multiplying disciples today. We need to pray like Jesus prayed. Jesus prayed in Matthew 6:10, “… Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” We know from Matthew 28:19 that God’s will is to see disciples made in “all nations.” I believe that movement of disciples is the way His kingdom will come. 

The world would certainly be changed through a movement of multiplying disciples in the Church. That movement would singularly impact eternity in an extraordinary way.

I want to invite you to join the Impact Discipleship Ministries Prayer Team. If you are willing to join us in praying for a movement of disciple making, please click here and sign up. Once you join the team, you will start receiving an emailed prayer letter on the 15th over every month with prayer requests from our disciple makers. Thank you for partnering with Impact and thank you for praying for a movement. 

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