First payment: August 1, 2020

August 2020 Equipping Group with Ken Adams – Sign Up

August 2020 Equipping Group with Ken Adams – Sign Up

$69.99 on the 1st of each month for 4 months with 1 month free trial

AUGUST 2020 – NOVEMBER 2020 Group (meets every other Tuesday at 2PM est)

Note: REGISTRATION CLOSES August 10 – You will NOT be charged when you register! Your first session is on us.

Great things happen when a group of like-minded leaders pursuing the same goal gather together. The Making of a Disciple Making Pastor online equipping group is the place where you can network, learn, and be empowered to reach your potential and see success in your life work. If you’re ready to take your leadership to a whole new level, this is the place to start.

Here is what that journey will entail:

Pastors will have an online pastor portal where they can access all material for upcoming sessions. This material includes video training, reading content, assignments, and online meeting information.

Pastors will meet together with Ken Adams online to discuss the content for this session and the progress you are making as a pastor. At the end of each online meeting, you will share your progress from your work on your previous assignment and discuss your next assignment for the upcoming weeks.

The goal is that seven months, you will be equipped to:
Lead toward mission
Lead yourself first

Lead the Church

Lead leaders

Lead with a plan

Lead well

Cost details: There will be seven total equipping sessions (two per month), and each month’s subscription cost is $69.99. As a special gift, we would like to offer you the first month of August free! Each following month, you will be billed to you automatically on the 1st of every month beginning September 1. You are under no commitment or obligation to finish out the program and can cancel your subscription at any time if you in any way felt unsatisfied with your participation in the group.

We are truly very excited for this time of growth and equipping. It has been a long time coming, but we really believe that this is going to be an amazing opportunity for like-minded pastors to brainstorm, connect, and more importantly, to grow as disciple making pastors.

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