Relationship-Centered Ministry

by Aug 24, 2023

Ministry is all about relationships because ministry is all about connecting people to God. From evangelism to leadership, every step involves a relationship. While it might seem natural for every church to embrace this value, the reality paints a different picture.

So, some churches are all about the building. Everything they do is tied to that physical structure. If the building goes – poof, there goes the church. Then, there are personality-centered churches. If a specific person isn’t around anymore, people pack their bags. There are the program-focused churches. They reel people in and keep them coming with attractive programs. Last but not least, the policy-centered bunch. These churches put rules above what people actually need.

But here’s the kicker: anything that isn’t centered on relationships isn’t what Jesus had in mind for His church.

Churches become something other than relationship-centered because they forget they are in the “people” business. The Church is not about theology, music, counseling, or recreation. Some might say, “But you teach theology with every sermon.” The truth is that I teach “people” some theology in every sermon. All the speeches, songs, and events we pull off as a church should be helping people connect with God. If that connection’s missing, we might as well be doing nothing.

Jesus was all about linking people up with His Father. He wasn’t here to build fancy structures, kick off elaborate ceremonies, or launch a bunch of programs. Remember that famous line from John 3:16? “God loved the world so much that He sent His only son…” It wasn’t “God loved the world so much He built a mega-church” or “God loved the world so much He threw the ultimate worship fest.” No, it has always been about people for Jesus. If it weren’t for people, Jesus would have never come.

Take a look at Acts 2:41-47, the original description of the Church. Everything they did was people-centered. Teaching? All about people learning. Hanging out and praying? Totally about building relationships. Giving and looking out for each other? You guessed it, all about those connections. The bottom line is if the early Church didn’t have relationships, they’d be nothing. It was a “people movement,” plain and simple. It was all about people lending a hand to others.

The best way to reach people? Well, it’s people. Connecting people? You guessed it, it’s through other people. And growing leaders? You got it; it’s people mentoring people. Every step of ministry is people teaming up with other people. That’s how Jesus did it and how we should be doing things today.

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