Same Plan, Same Power, Same Place

by Feb 16, 2017

Think about this: we have the same plan the disciples had 2,000 years ago – to make disciples. We have the same power the disciples had 2,000 years ago – the Holy Spirit. We have the same place for disciple making the disciples had 2,000 years ago – the Church. So here’s the question: why aren’t we seeing the same results?

I don’t know all the answers, but I am at least sure of one thing: the problem with our results is on our end, and not God’s end. We may not be working His plan the way He intended it to be worked. We may not be walking in the Spirit they way He meant for us to. We may not have churches doing what they were created to do.

I suggest it’s time to make some changes. I say we go back to making disciples the same way Jesus did. I suggest we yield our will to God’s will, and allow the Holy Spirit to empower us. I  think that local churches need to get back to being a centers for disciple making. If we make these changes, we should see the same results the disciples saw in the Book of Acts.

These changes start with you and me. These changes start with a personal commitment to get back to where Jesus’ disciple making movement began. Find a group of people, and teach them to do what Jesus did. Live under the influence of the Holy Spirit as He guides you to make disciples, and make your local church the kind of environment that fosters true discipleship. Work this process over and over again and see what happens. I have a hunch you will see more people saved, baptized, belonging, growing, worshipping, serving, giving, sharing their faith, and reproducing disciples. Those results will look just like the results in Acts.

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