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What we offer

We come to your ministry in person or through webcast and provide a half-day intensive of disciple making training for your staff, volunteers, and leadership.

We are also available to speak at events and weekend retreats. We can offer you a one-time consultation, or a year-long coaching relationship.

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Disciple Making Church Seminars



The first portion of our seminar revolves around defining the mission Jesus for us in the Great Commission: to make disciples. What is a disciple, and why do we need to make them? 



The second portion of our seminar points us toward to the perfect model for disciple makers: Jesus. We look at how He modelled disciple making for His own disciples.



The final portion of our seminar shows you the methods Jesus used to multiply disciples during His ministry on earth and ensured that they would continue to multiply once He left earth. 


We offer

Simple Pricing

The pricing scales below will help you determine which of our services best fit your needs. However, please keep in mind that cost will never stand in the way of us helping you be and build disciples. Contact us if you need to discuss alternate pricing and we will be more than happy to find a solution for you.

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