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by Sep 26, 2019

Let me share my new favorite quote from D.L. Moody: “Our greatest fear should not be of failures, but of succeeding at something that doesn’t really matter!” Wow, this is a quote that today’s Church needs to hear. 

So the big question is: what really does matter? I think Jesus would say the mission of making disciples (His mission) is what matters. Since Christ’s passion is to reach the world, I believe it is clear that what really matters is the Church becoming what it was created to be – a movement of multiplying disciples. 

So if the Church is succeeding at things that do not really matter, our enemy gains a victory. It would be just like the enemy to dupe us into believing that there is something more important than a movement of multiplying disciples. 

If we succeed at having great worship services but fail to multiply disciples, does that really matter in the end? If we succeed at having incredible levels of fellowship but never multiply disciples, does that fellowship matter? If we build beautiful buildings but fail to multiply disciples, does that matter? If we do a fantastic job of developing leaders but don’t multiply disciples, does that matter? If we create incredible organizations but fail to multiply disciples, would those organizations even matter in eternity?

I hear lots of Christians today talking about really cool things they are doing in their ministries. A lot of these things are good things, but if those good things don’t lead to what matters most, we’re deceiving ourselves. I pray that every church succeeds, but I pray that our success is in what truly matters most.

I challenge you to consider what and where you are succeeding. If your success is not in what matters most in God’s eyes, then perhaps it is time to redefine success.

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Managing Your World

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