Ten Recommended Reads

by May 13, 2021

Recently I had the privilege of speaking at a conference on disciple making and was blessed to be able to have lunch with Dr. Robert Coleman. In case you didn’t know, Dr. Coleman wrote what many consider to be the classic work on disciple making. It is certainly one of the best books I’ve ever read on disciple making and it is number one on my list of recommended reads on the subject of disciple making. 

Spending some time with Dr. Coleman made me think about some of the best books I have read on the subject of disciple making. I know there are a ton of disciple makers in my audience and want to share my list of recommended reads with you. I hope you can find these books and make some time to add them to your reading list!

The Discipling-Making Church, The Discipling-Making Pastor: Bill Hull authored two great books on disciple making that have become classics. The Disciple-Making Church provides very practical steps for how to implement the disciple making strategy of Jesus within the church and The Disciple-Making Pastor gives a pastor for practical steps for how to manage their lives to a church to become a disciple making church. 

Growing A Healthy Church, Four Chair Discipling: These two books written by Dann Spader are must reads for anyone looking for how to make disciples according to Christ’s model. Written from a chronological study of Jesus’ life, both of these books are foundational for how to translate Christ’s principles of disciple making into today’s context.

Multiplying Disciples: Waylon Moore’s classic work on making disciples that make disciples might be hard to find these days (but here is a source online!) This book is inspirational and very practical for how to make disciples that will reproduce more disciples. 

The Lost Art of Disciple Making: Leroy Eims wrote this classic piece on disciple making. As a leader in the Navigators ministry, Eims has a great perspective on the importance of investing in disciples who will turn round and make more disciples. 

Bold Moves: A more recent book on disciple making by Craig Etheredge offers a great challenge in how to help lead a church in today’s context to become a disciple making congregation. This books offers a great blend of biblical insight and practical application to disciple making in a local church.

Tally Ho The Fox: The late Herb Hodges wrote a great book on disciple making that will challenge and inspire both pastors and leaders to live a life of disciple making like Jesus did. If nothing else, you need to read the final chapter to understand the title. This is a great book for anyone committed to the priority of making disciples.

Discipleship: Ministry Up Close and Personal: Charles Swindoll’s Bible Study Guide published by Word Publishing is a great little read on the components of disciple making. This is a surprise read that many people do not even know exists. Swindoll’s ministry Insight for Living is a great place to order a copy of this great short but inspiring work in addition to the site I linked.

Born to Reproduce: Dawson Trotman from Navigator’s ministry wrote a small booklet that is a classic for anyone interested in making disciples. This small, pamphlet-size booklet has been in print for years and is a short piece every disciple maker should read and pass on to others. 

These ten recommended reads on disciple making are great resources to inspire, inform, and challenge you and others in your church to live as multiplying disciples. I encourage you to read them and would love to hear how they inspire you!

 If Impact Discipleship Ministries can help you in the process of making disciples, don’t hesitate to contact us at impactdisciples.com. We’re happy to help you identify training, resources, and coaching that is right for your ministry.

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