The Everybody Commission

by Feb 8, 2018

Over the years I have had lots of conversations with people about disciple making and the Great Commission that have left me wondering what got lost in translation. Let me explain.

I recently had a conversation with someone about disciple making. I was very passionate in discussing Christ’s challenge to us in the Great Commission, and His mission for us to make disciples of all nations. As I talked, I sensed my friend was in agreement with this mandate.

As my conversation with him came to an end, he made several comments about how he could see how passionate I was about disciple making, and how clear it was that God had called me to this ministry. He was very affirming that I was doing exactly what God had called me to do.

I truly appreciated the encouragement and affirmation of my friend, but the end of our conversation made me realize that something had been lost in translation. The Great Commission is not “my calling.” Making disciples is not something only a few people should be passionate about. Being part of a movement of multiplying disciples is not “my ministry.”

The Great Commission is for everybody, everywhere! Making disciples of all nations is not a ministry set aside for a few people: it is a mandate for every single believer on the planet. Jesus gave the Great Commission to His original disciples, but it was meant for every disciple, in every nation, in every generation. The mission of Jesus is a world-wide movement designed to be embraced by every member of the movement. Everyone in the movement of Jesus Christ should be doing their part to make disciples of Jesus Christ in all nations.

The enemy has done a very good job of diluting Christ’s mission if he has convinced us that some of us make disciples and others don’t. No! Every Christian has the same mission. Every believer is called to the same goal. Every church has the same ministry. Jesus made it incredibly clear: make disciples!

Could you imagine being on an NFL team that had some players trying to win the Super Bowl, other players trying to make the fans happy, and even other players trying to be the team with the fewest injuries in the league? Nonsense. Every player on an NFL team is locked and loaded on the exact same mission. They may play different roles, but they all have the same mission.

Don’t ever let the Great Commission get lost in translation. Never begin to think that the mission of making disciples is for some people but not for all. Jesus gave the Great Commission to every believer. We all have the exact same mission.

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