The Making of a Disciple Making Pastor – Part 9

by May 24, 2018

Passion trumps everything! I believe the number one most important ingredient in making a disciple making pastor is a disciple making passion. The right plans, the right leaders, and the right strategy mean very little if the leader isn’t passionate about seeing disciples made.

If one thing is certain, it is the fact that Jesus had a passion for making disciples. There is no doubt about the fact that Jesus gave everything He had to start a movement of multiplying disciples. In fact, that is the only thing Jesus left behind. When Jesus had finished all He came to do on this earth, only two things remained from His efforts. First, He made it possible for all mankind to experience redemption. Second, He made it possible for everyone to hear about redemption by a movement of multiplying disciples.

It is quite clear that Jesus was passionate about making disciples because He gave His life to make it happen. Nothing proves passion more than giving up one’s life.

#9- Lead with passion! A leader without passion is a struggling leader. It is hard to get up everyday and lead when your heart is not in something. It is difficult to take people some place when you don’t really care about it yourself. It is a challenge to cast a vision and lead the charge when you don’t really believe in that vision personally. Leaders must lead with passion.

The Latin meaning of the word passion is “to suffer.” It is a compelling desire or an intense enthusiasm toward something. Passion drives and motivates an individual.

If passion is “to suffer,” then leading with passion is not something a person can do – it is something they must do. To lead with passion is not an option; it is a compulsion – mandatory, and non-negotiable.

Jesus did not make disciples because it was one option among many. Not hardly! Jesus made disciples because He knew that the only way every person, in every nation, in every generation could possibly have a right relationship with God was through a movement of multiplying disciples. Jesus gave all that He had to see that mission become reality.

The question I believe every leader must ask is: what are you willing to give in order to see the mission of Jesus Christ become a reality? If you are not willing to give everything you have to see the mission of Jesus become a success, you will have a tendency to drift to something else. You will tend to settle for what is easiest and not what is best.

I’m really not sure how to give someone passion. I don’t even know if you can. A person is either passionate about something, or they are not. I do believe passion can grow in a person and it can become greater in someone as they grow.

My prayer for every pastor is that you would grow in your passion to make disciples. I pray that you would come to see the mission of making disciples as the one thing you must do. If you need help in learning how to make disciples, then check out our coaching process at We are passionate about helping leaders become disciple makers.

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