The Twelve Disciples

by Jun 7, 2018

One of the classic books on the original disciples is titled, “The Training of the Twelve” by A.B. Bruce. It’s is a great book on how Jesus took a handful of misfits and renegades and turned them into world changers.

When most people hear the word “disciples,” they typically think of the twelve men that Jesus spent approximately three years training in order to lead His mission and movement once He left the earth. As you think about the original twelve disciples consider the following.

They were ordinary men! Acts 4:13 tells us that the original disciples were, “unschooled and ordinary men.” Hopefully this truth encourages you and reminds you that Jesus can change the world with anyone. Sometimes we are guilty of thinking that God can only use the highly gifted or most educated to make a difference in the world. The disciples prove otherwise. The ordinariness of the disciples reminds us that God can use anyone and everyone to help people become more like Jesus. God chose to use simple fishermen and tax collectors to turn the world upside down. Ordinary people can do extraordinary things when God has control of them.

They were hungry men! One thing that can certainly be said about the original disciples is that they were hungry for more. There were willing to leave everything to follow after Jesus. In Matthew 4:20 the Bible says, “Immediately they left their nets and followed Him.” These men left their families and their jobs to become followers of Christ. The mission and movement of Jesus cost them something. What the disciples missed in terms of qualifications and education they made up for in heart and desire. Being a disciple of Jesus will cost you something in time and effort. To learn and lead like Jesus does require a commitment. You must be hungry.

They were obedient! At the end of Jesus’ ministry, He gave eleven of His original twelve a challenge we call The Great Commission. He told them to, “go and make disciples by baptizing them and teaching them what He had commanded.” I am writing this article today because they obeyed Christ’s command. If the original disciples had not obeyed Jesus and made more disciples, the movement of Christianity would have come to a screeching halt two thousand plus years ago. We can be thankful that the original disciples were obedient and can learn from their example and repeat the favor for the next generation.

Jesus chose twelve men to change the world. This was the preferred method for making an impact on the nations. Two thousand years has passed and the plan is exactly the same. Jesus is still changing the world by disciples making disciples. You may not have twelve, but you should have a few people that you are training to live and lead like Jesus.

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