The Win

by Jun 8, 2017

What is your “win” in life? In other words, if you live the way you wanted to live and accomplished what you felt called to accomplish, what would that be? How would you define success in your life?

In a football, baseball, or basketball game, the “win” is clearly defined. The scoreboard always indicates whether or not you are winning. The win in most sports is more points. When a football game is over, you have absolutely no problem knowing whether or not you won. The scoreboard never lies about who won and who lost.

After fifty-six years of life, my win has become very well defined. My win is the same win that Jesus had. In John 17:4, near the end of his life, Jesus prayed this following prayer. “I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do.”

I believe the work Jesus completed is the exact same work we are called to do. Think about it, why would he ask us to do something different than what he did? We are called to be disciples and make disciples because that is exactly what Jesus did.

If Jesus did nothing else, he lived his life as an authentic model of what a disciple should look like. Jesus gave us the example for all of us to follow. That example has not changed in over two thousand years. Our first work in life is to live like Jesus lived.

Jesus also made more disciples. The work he completed was to begin a movement of multiplying disciples. Jesus did not make millions of disciples, he just made a dozen. However, he did such a good job making the twelve that most of them made more disciples until millions of disciples exist.

Jesus completed the work His Father gave him to do. That is the “win”. So, how about you? Do you know your win? Have you completed the work God has given you to do?

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