Two Priorities of Jesus

by Jun 29, 2023

Jesus came to accomplish two things. First, he came to make redemption possible for every person, in every nation, and in every generation. His birth, life, death, and resurrection made redemption possible. Jesus, and Jesus alone, is the only one that could make it possible for a person to experience true redemption.

Christ’s priority of making redemption possible was accomplished over two thousand years ago, and that possibility will continue to exist until Jesus returns. When Jesus said, “It is finished,” he referred to this priority in his life.

Jesus also came to start a movement of messengers of redemption. This movement of messengers is called a multiplying movement of disciples. This movement of disciples was charged with going, baptizing, and teaching all nations to become disciples. As disciples are made and multiplied, the movement of messengers grows exponentially and helps more people hear about Christ’s offer of redemption. In time, the plan was for this movement to get the message of redemption to every person, nation, and generation.

Christ’s priority to start a movement of multiplying disciples was completed before his death on the cross. Before leaving this world, Jesus knew that he had successfully begun a movement of multiplying disciples. His plan to get the message to all nations started with his original disciples. Jesus prayed to his father, “I have brought you glory by completing the work you gave me because he knew the work of starting a movement was done.

If Jesus had made redemption possible but had not started a movement of redemption messengers, that would be considered irresponsible. It would be wrong to do all that Jesus did to redeem humankind and only make it available to the people Jesus could personally reach.

On the other hand, if Jesus had started a movement of messengers without making redemption possible, that would be considered irrelevant. Who cares about making a movement of multiplying disciples if there isn’t anything to pass along to others?

The priority of making redemption possible was accomplished by Jesus over two thousand years ago. The priority of making a multiplying movement of messengers is still in process. Jesus launched the movement, but we must keep it going. If today’s generation of disciples does not multiply more disciples, the movement of redemption messengers will die out. That is why making disciples is imperative.

Deciding to make multiplying disciples a priority or not is not negotiable. We do not get to pick and choose whether or not we like the plan of disciple-making to reach the world. We only get to decide whether or not we will do it. To obey or disobey is the only decision we get to make. Are you committed to a lifestyle of multiplying disciples? If not, then why not? The world depends on your commitment.

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