What kind of manager are you?

by Sep 19, 2019

Everyone is a manager. We all have been given our physical bodies, relationships, time, and a certain amount of money to manage. The real question is not, what are we managing, but how well are we managing what we’ve been given? 

It is my conviction that disciples of Christ ought to be the best managers in society. If disciples are obedient to God’s Word, their money, time, bodies, and relationships should be managed far better than those who do not know God or follow His commands. At the very least, a disciple of Christ ought to be making progress in becoming a better manager. 

Far too many disciples of Christ believe that how they manage their life’s resources is no different than the rest of our culture. When disciples manage their resources no differently than non-Christians, that is a cause for concern. 

To prove my conviction, we need not look any farther than Jesus Himself. No one in all of history has ever been a better life manager than Jesus. Jesus managed His time for eternal purposes. Jesus managed His body in a healthy manner. Jesus managed His money for kingdom objectives. Jesus managed His relationships in a way that honored His Father. Without question, Jesus used what His Father had entrusted Him with to bring His Father glory. 

A big part of discipleship means being taught how to be a better life manager. The Word of God is filled with information about managing our resources for God. The Bible is our owner’s manual. The manufacturer has given us a book to tell how to use and care our resources. All that is required is that we read and obey it. God’s Word is the best management manual ever written. As you grow in and obey God’s Word, you will grow in your ability to manage your life in a way that honors Him.

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