7 New Year’s Priorities for Leaders

by Jan 4, 2024

January is a great time to make or renew priorities for church leaders. The New Year is a perfect time to establish or renew the priorities that will help you make the most of the next twelve months. Every leader should consider making seven priorities a part of their plan for being a better leader.

Priority #1: Be an active part of a church family! The scriptures indicate that being an active part of a church family involves being a part of a large group and being a part of a small group. There is no doubt about it. Leaders in the New Testament church made both types of groups a consistent part of their lives.

Priority #2: Make worship a lifestyle! In his life, Jesus demonstrated two types of worship- private and public. A leader who desires to lead like Jesus should also make these two expressions of worship a consistent part of their life. A daily time of worship in private and a weekly time of public worship are essential for spiritual growth and development.

Priority #3: Commit yourself to spiritual growth! Every leader should begin the new year with a plan for spiritual growth and maturity. Maturity comes through knowledge and experience, and a growth plan should include both. Decide in advance what resources you want to pour into your mind and describe what ministry activities you want to participate in.

Priority #4: Maintain a servant mindset and lifestyle! A servant mindset means always thinking about how you can serve someone. The simple act of just opening a door for someone begins in the mind. Having a regular ministry within a church is a perfect way to flesh out the lifestyle of a servant.

Priority #5: Manage your resources wisely! Every leader has been given resources from God. Your time, money, body, and relationships are all on loan to you from God and should be used for his glory. Exercise, nutrition, and rest are all keys to managing your body. Budgeting, saving, and giving are all ways to manage your money. Living by a schedule and priorities are ways to manage your time. Spending time with those you love and communicating well are ways Howdy, Impact Discipleship Ministriesto manage relationships better.

Priority #6: Consistently connect with lost people! Church leaders must live like Jesus and “seek and save” the lost. They must regularly look for opportunities to build relationships with people far from God and seek to have Christ conversations.

Priority #7: Be committed to the disciple-making process! Imagine what could happen if every church leader made participation in the disciple-making process a priority. If every leader were building more disciples, the church would explode and become a movement of multiplication.

Becoming a leader who lives out these seven priorities can be a reality if the church teaches leaders how to demonstrate Christ-like conduct.

At Impact Discipleship Ministries, we help churches make Christ-like disciples that, in turn, make more Christ-like disciples. If we can help you in the process of becoming a disciple-making church, please get in touch with us or visit our website for more information. We can be reached at impactdisciples.com.

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