Pre-Summit Disciple Making Metrics


Join Dann Spader on January 26 at Crossroads Church for Pre-Summit Disciple Making Metrics Seminar.

What can be more important in disciple making than having clear success metrics? After all, you cannot improve what you cannot measure.

In this workshop, we will look practically at four major metrics essential in any disciple-making ministry. This will not be a normal workshop with just motivation and encouragement, instead, we will walk through clear tools for measuring the disciple-making process. It will challenge you and force you to ask some difficult questions. Questions such as:

  • What is our true conversion growth rate?
  • How many of our people are engaged in being a ‘friend of sinners’?
  • How many new believers are growing toward service to others, and how do we measure this?
  • What is truly needed to ground our new believers in the foundations of service to others?
  • How are we equipping our workers to reproduce, and how many are engaged?
  • Have we adequately defined what a ‘biblical worker’ is?
  • How many of our people have led someone to the Lord and have made a disciple who makes other disciples?
  • Is multiplication really happening, and to what level?
  • What progress are we making… where are we weak, and where are we strong?

When the workshop is over, you will be able to:

  • Establish four clearly defined measurements for your disciple-making
  • Define the most important metrics and how to begin to measure them yearly
  • Begin to set up processes to begin to measure your progress accurately

At the end of this workshop, you will also be given access to an e-book with specific examples and tools for future use. Also, you will be given free access to three videos of this material for further use with your team.