The Power of Multiplication


Multiply. What a great word to use when describing the mission of Jesus. Jesus started a movement with disciples who would multiply and one day increase in number. That is exactly what Jesus had in mind when he started this thing we call the Church.

Somehow over the last two thousand years, the concept of multiplying disciples has become fuzzy. As a result the “make many” became “make some.” The increase in number has become a slow decline. In essence, the movement has lost its power to increase and expand. It is time to return to the power of multiplication. It is time we return to Christ’s original plan.

In this resource, Ken Adams takes you through the history of Crossroads Church (the church he has pastored as the senior pastor for 31+ years) and the proven multiplication strategies he has used to grow that ministry from the ground up. This is an affordable resource full of practical knowledge you can use to equip disciples, identify and train leaders, and more. Get your copy today!