Some Days

by Feb 1, 2024

Acts 9:19b, “For some days he was with the disciples at Damascus.”

Acts chapter nine gives us the account of Saul’s (also named Paul) conversion to Christ. Shortly after his conversion, the Bible says he spent “some days” with the very disciples he had come to Damascus to persecute and imprison. Isn’t that a twist of events?

We don’t know precisely how long these “some days” were, but we know they were critical in Paul’s first steps as a new Christ follower. I don’t think we can overestimate how important these first days and these initial relationships were in Paul’s development and spiritual growth as a disciple. This fellowship of believers and the influence of Ananias had a profound impact on Paul’s spiritual journey.

It would seem that Paul’s relationship with these believers in Damascus had a great deal to do with his commitment to baptism, his new understanding of the gospel, and his desire to go out and preach his newfound faith. This group of believers in Damascus had a powerful investment in the man who would eventually write half the New Testament and plant churches around the Mediterranean region.

The impact of these “some days” in Paul’s life drives home the need for some days in my life. I need to be in an environment with other believers to help me strengthen my faith. I need fellow believers who will encourage me, challenge me, grow with me, pray for me, and do ministry with me. For me, “some days” is for the rest of my days. There will never be a time when I don’t need the community of believers to surround me and help me be the disciples that Jesus wants me to be.

I hope you have committed to spending “some days” with a group of disciples. If you haven’t, I strongly encourage you to find a group that will make you better and stronger after you are with them.

In Acts 9:20, God’s Word says, “And immediately he proclaimed Jesus in the synagogues.” Paul’s actions indicate the impact spending time with other disciples had on him. Paul accomplished more for God because he grew in his faith by being in the right environment. Just think how differently Paul’s life might have turned out if he had not had the influence of these other disciples in his early days as a Christ-follower.

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